Raquel Mueller

Raquel is a recent graduate with an English degree and a German minor, currently living in the midwestern United States, who’s interest in language stems from having two multilingual parents and a brief couple of years living in Germany as a kid. Beyond language and writing, Raquel also enjoys playing violin and painting.

Raquel Mueller

“Hello” in German: “Hallo!” and Other German Greetings

If I had to guess, I’d say almost everyone who speaks English already knows hallo is “hello” in German. They sound very similar, and they are one letter off from each other in spelling, it’s hard not to connect the dots. In general, greetings are the most well-known part of any language, because they are …

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“Thank You” in German and Other Expressions of Gratitude

In polite conversation, knowing how to thank people is invaluable. Whether it’s in an email, at the store, during work, or on a thank-you note, “thank you”, in all its shapes and forms, is crucial to add to your vocabulary in any new language you learn. Since German has different pronouns and modes of speaking …

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Goodbye in German: A Comprehensive Guide to German Parting Words

Nothing is as bittersweet as saying goodbye, but it’s not as bad as not knowing how to say bye at all. An important part of practical language learning is knowing how to start and end a conversation. If you’ve been following the blog, you can already say hello in German thanks to the 100+ Common …

Goodbye in German: A Comprehensive Guide to German Parting WordsRead More »

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