Daniela Solis

Daniela is a content writer and ESL teacher who has a passion for languages and Spanish food (tortillas drive her crazy!). After getting her university degree, she started travelling the world all the while teaching English to students of all backgrounds. After 6 years of travelling, she's decided to settle in sunny Portugal, but who knows what's next? She also loves visiting museums, spending time with her family and pets, and learning Portuguese.

Daniela Solis

Learn Afrikaans on Duolingo: What Are the Best Alternatives?

Did you know that Afrikaans is actually derived from Dutch, so it belongs to the same language family as English? Of course, many elements of Afrikaans, such as case or gender, are very different, but other language aspects, like sentence structure, phonetics and even the alphabet, are relatively similar. Also, the Afrikaans language is not …

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