Keehwan Kim

Keehwan is a language teacher, specializing in teaching English and Korean. Keehwan has a CELTA and an MA in Applied Linguistics. Keehwan has taught for over 10 years and has taught learners of all ages and levels. Currently, Keehwan works as a freelance educational materials developer in the UK.

Keehwan Kim

How to Say “Hello” in Korean: A Complete Guide

Saying ‘hello’ in Korean should be quite simple as there is one expression that directly translates to the English word ‘hello’. However, as with any expression in Korean, we have to be careful of whether we use the formal or informal language depending on the person we’re speaking to. Moreover, Korean adults often don’t use …

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Learn All the Different Ways of Saying “Thank You” in Korean

‘Thank you’ is one those phrases that makes both the speaker and listener happy. Saying ‘thank you’ to express our gratitude makes us feel happy that we’ve recognized someone’s good deeds, and likewise, being appreciated for your help makes the person being thanked happy. ‘Thank you’ in Korean serves the same purpose, and similar to …

Learn All the Different Ways of Saying “Thank You” in KoreanRead More »

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