Christine Lindström

Christine Lindström is a writer, teacher, and language nerd. A native English speaker with a degree in education, she married a Swede and spent more than a decade living and working in Sweden. She knows firsthand the challenges of learning Swedish, but also the tips and tricks that are most helpful to becoming fluent. Christine is currently based in the US where she lives and travels full time in an RV with her husband and three children.

Christine Lindström

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Swedish (and Swedish Birthday Traditions)

Celebrations are like a window into the heart of a culture. Celebrations show what people value, how they relate to each other, and how they express themselves. Learning how to say “Happy Birthday” in Swedish means more than learning to pronounce a few key phrases. It means digging deeper into how to celebrate a Swedish …

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All You Need to Know about the Swedish Alphabet

Perhaps Maria von Trapp said it best: “When you read you begin with A, B, C.” Learning to read and write in any language begins with the basic building blocks of letters and their sounds. English speakers learning Swedish will find that the Swedish alphabet contains many familiar, recognizable friends, three new acquaintances, and a …

All You Need to Know about the Swedish AlphabetRead More »

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