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Swedish Resources: The Ultimate List of Tools for Learning Swedish

In the past, a common challenge for language learners was a lack of resources to study the language. Nowadays, however, language learners sometimes find themselves facing the opposite challenge—there seems to be an overwhelming amount of language-learning resources out there. Swedish resources are no exception.

It can be hard to know where to begin and how to differentiate between all the resources to learn Swedish. In this article, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list to guide you through the various types of tools you’ll need on your Swedish learning journey.

With the right resources, learning Swedish is a breeze!

Apps and courses to learn Swedish online

Most of the more popular Swedish resources you’ll hear about are likely various Swedish learning apps and online courses. There’s a good reason for this. Using an online course or app to learn the Swedish language is one of the best ways to learn Swedish.

Apps and online courses are also usually relatively complete tools that give you a good start when it comes to learning and practising Swedish. Let’s take a look at some of these paid and free Swedish learning tools.


We’re pretty sure you’ve already heard of Duolingo—one of the most popular apps for learning languages. It’s easy to use and gamifies the language learning experience.

It’s great for Swedish beginners, as you can start from zero. It’s also practical if you’re short on time since you can study short lessons that only take a few minutes.

What’s more, it’s free to use. If you want a premium version, you can sign up for Duolingo Super, but the free version is already a great tool.


If you’re willing to open your wallet to learn Swedish with a reputable language-learning tool, Babbel is a good option.

This famous language learning program helps you learn both reading and listening, as newly introduced words are always pronounced. The audio is recorded by native Swedish speakers, which can feel refreshing compared to the more robotic voices you might encounter on other apps.

The downside is that the program isn’t free. It’s possible to try it out with a free 7-day trial, after which you’ll pay a monthly fee.


Clozemaster is another language learning program that gamifies the process of learning Swedish, making it fun and addictive. It’s designed for advanced beginners and intermediate learners, which makes it great for Swedish learners who have already moved past the absolute beginner stage.

Clozemaster allows you to focus on a specific skill, such as speaking, listening, or building vocabulary. It’s also based on “most common words” lists, which means you’ll start by learning what’s most useful first.

The app has a free version, a Pro version, and a lifetime access option. The free version allows you to play up to 30 sentences per day.

Rosetta Stone

If you’re looking for an immersive language learning resource, look no further than the well-known Rosetta Stone. Learning Swedish with Rosetta Stone means you don’t learn Swedish from another language, like English. All the audio and text you’re exposed to while learning will be in Swedish.

The tool uses voice recognition software, which allows you to practice pronunciation. It also uses audio recordings of native speakers from different parts of Sweden, exposing you to several local dialects.

After a free 3-day trial, you can choose between paying a monthly fee or buying a lifetime subscription.


If you’re especially interested in improving your Swedish listening skills, podcast-based SwedishPod101 might be for you. Most of the lessons are based on an audio recording with a translation into English, transcripts to help you follow along, and cultural insights.

The tool allows you to choose between 5 different learning levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. It also provides you with diagnostic tools so that you can figure out where to start.

You can have free lifetime access to SwedishPod101, which allows you to access quite a lot of material. Or, you can choose to upgrade your access to their Basic, Premium, or Premium Plus subscriptions, the latter giving you access to a teacher.

Swedish resources to practice reading

If you love reading and have already been learning Swedish for a while, I’m sure you’re excited to practice reading in this new language. Don’t underestimate reading, it allows you to practice your grasp of Swedish grammar and often helps you expand your vocabulary.

Here are some Swedish resources where you can find e-books and news to practice reading with.

Swedish resources to read e-books

Why not start with a children’s book, like the classic Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking in its original language? Or if crime is your genre, you’ll find a ton of Swedish crime novels to choose from.

For more of a challenge, you can also get familiar with the authors of some true Swedish classics, such as Vilhelm Moberg or Selma Lagerlöf. While classics in their original form will be more suitable for advanced Swedish learners, they are often published in shorter, easy-to-read formats.

Swedish e-book resources:

  •—A Swedish bookstore where you can buy e-books
  •—Another Swedish bookstore where you can buy e-books
  •—App with a subscription service that allows you to read e-books

Swedish resources to read the news

Reading the news in Swedish can allow you to not only practice your Swedish but also stay informed on current events. Learn Swedish and pick up new vocabulary at the same time as you stay up to date and find conversation starters.

“Easy” Swedish news resources:

  • Radio Sweden på lätt svenska—Radio Sweden’s site where you can read the news in “easy” Swedish
  • 8 sidor—8 sidor is a newspaper where you can read the news in short sentences and with very easy-to-understand Swedish

Swedish resources to practice listening

Perhaps you prefer taking in information by listening rather than by reading? Have no fear, there are a lot of Swedish listening resources that are useful when you’re learning Swedish. If you’re interested in understanding the Swedes around you and improving your ability to converse with them, practising listening is crucial.

Here are some Swedish resources where you can find tools to practice listening with.

Swedish news, podcasts, and audiobooks

We’ve mentioned reading e-books and news articles, but another alternative is getting increasingly popular—listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or news articles.

Swedish resources for listening to news, podcasts and audiobooks:

  • Radio Sweden på lätt svenska—Radio Sweden’s site where you can listen to the news in “easy” Swedish
  • 8 sidor—8 sidor is a newspaper where you can listen to the news in short sentences and with very easy-to-understand Swedish
  • Coffee Break Swedish—Podcast where you can “grab a coffee” with teacher Hanna and her student Mark and learn Swedish with them
  • Swedish Podcast for Beginners (Lätt svenska med Oskar)—Podcast where you can listen to Swedish and learn easy Swedish with Oskar
  •—App with a subscription service that allows you to listen to audiobooks
  •—App and website with a subscription service that allows you to listen to audiobooks

Swedish YouTube, TV, and movies

What’s better than listening to Swedish? Listening and watching Swedish, of course! Luckily, there is a long list of YouTube channels where you can watch and listen to Swedish vloggers, and other resources to watch Swedish TV and movies.

Swedish resources for watching and listening to videos, TV, and movies:

Swedish resources for vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

Apart from all the resources already mentioned, there are also many other tools that can fulfil more specific needs, for example, when it comes to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Swedish vocabulary resources

While you probably won’t be reading a dictionary from cover to cover, a dictionary is a vital tool to have on your Swedish learning journey. You might already have picked up some basic phrases in Swedish or some basic grammar, but sooner or later, you’ll come across a word you need to look up.

Swedish dictionaries and resources for improving vocabulary:

Swedish grammar resources

Not everyone loves grammar, but studying it is a necessary part of learning Swedish. With the right tools, you’ll master Swedish grammar in no time.

Swedish resources for conjugation and grammar:

Swedish pronunciation resources

Unless you’re planning on communicating with Swedes solely via text, you’ll likely want to make sure you have decent pronunciation. But how can you be sure you know what words should sound like? These tools might come in handy:

Swedish resources for pronunciation:

  • Forvo—Free and comprehensive pronunciation guide with more than 50,000 Swedish words
  • YouTube—Swedish learning channels are full of natural resources when it comes to Swedish pronunciation, such as:

Community-driven Swedish resources

If you’re learning Swedish by yourself, you might sometimes long for a community of Swedish learners. Fortunately, there are community-driven resources where Swedish learners and native Swedish speakers can communicate and help each other.

Community-driven resources to learn Swedish:

  • HiNative—A question-and-answer platform for language learners
  • Reddit—A forum network where language learners and others can find their community

A final word on Swedish resources

A final word to clarify that you don’t need to use all of the resources mentioned in this list. Each Swedish learner embarks on a different journey and has different aims and needs.

Choose the tools and resources that seem fun and helpful to your learning. And don’t forget to enjoy that process! Play around and try new resources to see which will help you reach your Swedish goals.

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