/koˈmeɾ/, [koˈmeɾ]


Verb comer (first-person singular present como, first-person singular preterite comí, past participle comido)

  1. to eat
    ¿Cómo como? ¿Cómo cómo como? ¡Como como como! (classroom example of written accent)
    How do I eat? What do you mean, how do I eat? I eat like I eat!
  2. (colloquial) to eat away, corrode
  3. (transitive, chess, board games) to capture a piece
  4. (double entendre, Mexico) to have sexual intercourse (because of similarity to coger)

Noun comer m (plural comeres)

  1. eating, food
    quitárselo uno de su comer
    to deprive oneself of something for the benefit of others
    el comer fuera es muy común
    eating out is very common
    ...necesario para el alma como el comer para el cuerpo
    ...necessary for the soul like food for the body

Source: Wiktionary available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

  • Tom se olvidó de darle de comer a su perro anoche.

    Tom forgot to feed his dog last night.

  • Tom no tenía mucha comida para comer.

    Tom didn't have much food to eat.

  • A él no le importa mientras tenga suficiente de comer y beber.

    He doesn't care, provided he has enough to eat and drink.

  • Voy a buscar algo de comer.

    I'm going to get something to eat.

  • ¿Quieres ir a comer algo?

    Do you want to go get something to eat?

  • El único pescado que le gusta comer a Tom es el salmón.

    The only fish Tom likes to eat is salmon.

  • Estoy acostumbrada a comer ese tipo de comida.

    I am accustomed to eating this sort of food.

  • Buenos días, ¿desea comer algo?

    Good morning, would you like something to eat?

  • Mi veterinario no le da de comer a su perro comida de perros comercial.

    My vet won't feed his dog commercial dog food.

  • ¿Te gustaría comer con nosotros?

    Would you like to eat with us?

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