Clozemasterfor teaching

Bring the most effective way to improve foreign language skills to your classroom.

How it Works

Clozemaster is a game to improve your language skills by filling in the missing word for thousands of sentences in your target language.

There are currently 74 languages and 232 language pairings (for example, learning English from Spanish, or learning German from French) available.

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Teaching Collections

Teaching Collections allow you to easily create a collection of up to 50 sentences, each with a word missing. You can then share a link with your students so they can play through the sentences and send you the results at the end of the round.

Easily create collections

Search and select all the sentences on Clozemaster, which come primarily from the open source Tatoeba database, or add your own. Build a collection of 50 sentences in under 5 minutes.

No login required (for your students)

Creating and sharing Teaching Collections require you to sign up and have a subscription to Clozemaster Pro - but your students can play through the collections without having to sign up. They simply submit their name once they finish playing through the sentences.

Ideal for remote learning

See where your students need more practice. Results include the sentences each student answered incorrectly, as well as which sentences were answered incorrectly the most by all your students.

Help your students level up their language skills!