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Streak: 67 days
Level: 192
Score: 3,188,724
Playing: 30,499 sentences
Mastered: 30,450 sentences
Ranked: 332nd overall
Ranked: 74th this week
  • Deutsch / English
    Streak: 67 days
    Level: 191
    Score: 3,144,748
    Playing 29,386 sentences
    Mastered 29,356 sentences
    Ranked: 33rd overall
    Ranked: 5th this week
  • Español / English
    Streak: 25 days
    Level: 61
    Score: 44,136
    Playing 1,113 sentences
    Mastered 1,094 sentences
    Ranked: 2,749th overall
    Ranked: 918th this week

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