This list shows Cantonese sentences with English translations for the 100 most common words used as the missing word for the Fluency Fast Track on Clozemaster.

Clozemaster is a game to learn language in context. It shows you a sentence missing a word, and the challenge is to fill in the correct word from context. The Fluency Fast Track shows one sentence per missing word in order of difficulty.

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1. 而家係三點
It is exactly three o'clock now.
2. 所以我叫你唔好一個人去囉。
That's why I told you not to go by yourself.
3. 佢做咩嚟到嘅?
What prevented him from coming?
4. 我諗嘢,所以我喺
I think, therefore I am.
5. 你嘅。
This is for you.
6. 屋企 Tom想帶你返屋企
Tom wants to take you home.
7. 你做咩粒聲唔嘅?
How come you didn't say anything?
8. Tom係我呀
Tom is my older brother.
9. 係喇,我有啲嘢要話你
By the way, I have something to tell you.
10. 朋友 Bob係我朋友
Bob is my friend.
11. Tom未夠
Tom is not old enough.
12. 電話 阿Tom打咗電話畀我。
Tom called me.
13. 點解你要噉我?
Why are you doing this to me?
14. 可以問個問題
May I ask you a question?
15. 好多 唔係好多人有嚟。
There were not many present.
16. Tony多歲呀?
How old is Tony?
17. 咩話?我唔到你講咩呀。
What? I can't hear you.
18. 我可唔可以問你做咩?
What, may I ask, are you doing?
19. 佢同佢阿爸好似
He takes after his father.
20. 我吖。
Hit me.
21. 到咗
There yet?
22. 今日 今日好熱呀。
It's really hot today.
23. 一定 而家已經十一點喇。我一定要走喇。
It's already eleven o'clock. I must be leaving now.
24. 佢唔喺屋企可?
He isn't at home, is he?
25. 我想啲清淡嘅嘢。
I'd like to eat something light.
26. 嘅。
That won't work.
27. 我聽啦,我好想知呀。
Tell me about it. I'm all ears.
28. 問題 呢個問題好難答。
The question was too difficult to answer.
29. 你執好啲嘢未呀?
Have you finished packing yet?
30. 兩個 我叫咗兩個漢堡包。
I ordered two hamburgers.
31. 時間 時間就喺咁樣白白浪費嘞。
This is how time is all wasted.
32. 睇嚟好似冇晒囉喎。
It seems like there's no money left.
33. 我睇呢本書啦。
I have already finished reading this book.
34. 本書係你㗎?
Which book is yours?
35. 佢拯救咗事。
He saved the situation.
36. 阿Bob又見佢喇。
Bob saw him again.
37. 阿媽 我想你見吓我阿爸阿媽
I want you to meet my parents.
38. 你有冇一個架可以俾我用㗎?
Do you have an extra shelf I can use?
39. 右眼咩都睇唔到。
I can't see anything with my right eye.
40. 佢唔想你。
He doesn't want to wait for you.
41. 我係因為你先嚟㗎
You're the reason I came.
42. 你話佢幾多歲吖
How old do you think she is?
You can sit if you want.
44. 佢冇睇到本書。
She didn't read the book.
45. 做咩你!
Just what the heck are you doing?
46. 開始 天都開始黑喇。返屋企囉!
It is getting dark. Let's go home.
47. 一齊 一齊嚟啦。
Come with us.
48. 乜嘢 你知唔知佢做咗乜嘢呀?
Do you know what he has done?
49. 咩呀你?
What happened to you?
50. 即刻 我係咪一定要即刻去呀?
Must I go there at once?
51. 一樣 一樣嘅嘢嚟。
It's the same thing.
52. 嚟啦!
Come on in!
53. 信不信你。
Believe it or not.
54. 記得 我唔會唔記得我啲朋友。
I don't forget my friends.
55. 一陣 等我一陣
Hold on a second.
56. 佢到咗嗰我會話你知。
I'll let you know when she arrives.
57. 邊個 邊個呀?」「我呀。」
"Who is it?" "It's me."
58. 你可唔可以俾我睇吓你咗啲咩呀?
Will you show me what you bought?
59. 你有入場券。
You have an entry ticket.
60. 一次 你可唔可以俾我試多一次呀?
Will you let me try once more?
61. 對唔住呀,我知我之前講過嘅嘢,就我冇講過啦。
I'm sorry, I know what I said earlier, but forget it.
62. 阿Tom跑得好
Tom can run fast.
63. 佢走。
Take him away.
64. 今晚 今晚返唔返嚟食㗎?
Are you coming home for dinner tonight?
65. 開心 佢做咩好似好唔開心咁嘅?
Why is it that she looks so sad?
66. 佢成日都住你。
He's always looking at you.
67. 我唔
I do not understand.
68. 間屋仔睇好似冇人住噉。
The cottage looked as if nobody were living in it.
69. 好似你知道啲我唔知嘅嘢
It would seem that you know something that I don't.
70. 如果我有自己一間就好喇。
I wish I had a room of my own.
71. 說話 我喺今日個會度幫我個朋友講咗啲好說話
I put in a good word for my friend at today's meeting.
72. 先生 懷特先生好似有好多朋友。
Mr White seems to have many friends., Mr. White seems to have many friends.
73. 我唔想整污糟我隻
I don't want to get my hands dirty.
74. 一路 唔好一路食嘢一路講嘢!
Don't speak with your mouth full!
75. 點知 點知㗎?
How did you come to know it?
76. 坐。
Take the weight off your feet.
77. 以前 小燕靚過以前
Siu-Yin is prettier than she used to be.
78. 冇人會再阿Tom講嘅嘢。
No one believes what Tom says anymore.
79. Tom會
Tom will get killed.
80. 自己整裙。
She can make her own dresses.
81. 我嗰陣唔知點做先好。
I didn't know what to do, then.
82. 佢唔收筆錢。
She refused to accept the money.
83. 決定 我已經決定咗喇。
I made my decision.
84. 可唔可以同你幾句呀?
Can I have a few words with you?
85. 唔好
Don't be afraid.
86. 需要 需要你。
She needs you.
87. 你玩得心呀?
Did you enjoy yourself?
88. 個天氣報告話聽應該會好天。
Today's weather forecast says that it is likely to be fine tomorrow.
89. 你返屋企啦。
Let me take you home.
90. 有人 有人叫我嚟,我先嚟咋。
It's because I was asked to come that I'm here.
91. 呢度乜嘢都有得賣。
They sell everything here.
92. 發生 發生乜嘢事呀?
What's happened?
93. 完全 完全聽唔明佢講啲嘢。
I did not understand him at all.
94. 我覺得佢同佢呀都唔係好似。
I don't think she takes after her mother.
95. 你屋企我屋企?
Your place or mine?
96. 希望 希望佢明同埋會由我啦。
I hope that he's understood and that he'll leave me be.
97. 所有 所有嘢都係幻覺嚟。
Everything is just an illusion.
98. 幾多 入場費幾多錢呀?
How much is the entrance fee?
99. 一句 佢講啲嘢我一句都聽唔明。
I didn't understand in the least what he said.
100. 緊碗而家。
I'm washing the dishes.

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