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The 7 Best Intermediate Greek Apps: Find What Fits You Best

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Everyday life can be hectic sometimes. So hectic, that it could also be tricky to fit language practice into your schedule. Especially once you’ve advanced to the intermediate level and need to put in more time and effort. Lucky for us, we can rely on our smartphones for this as well.

There are numerous intermediate Greek apps available for those of you who want to learn the language on the go. Practicing with the best paid or free Greek learning apps every day can have a significant impact on your learning journey, especially when paired with some of the best Greek resources available.

Let’s review the 7 best intermediate Greek apps and what they have to offer. And rest assured, you will find your niche!


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Targets: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking

Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for language learning – and for a good reason. Its gamified content makes learning Greek enjoyable, while also providing rewards for some extra motivation!

You can tailor your goals to your specific needs, and you have access to a variety of translation-based exercises to help you improve your grammar, listening, and writing skills. The developers have also included some amusing sentences to help you memorize even more effectively.

The app is ideal for both beginner and intermediate learners, as the difficulty of the Greek learning course increases as you progress through the levels.

You can also go for Super Duolingo, the premium version of this intermediate Greek learning app, which offers some nice perks. You have an unlimited number of “lives” for the games and challenges, and you can also review your mistakes.

Key Features

  • Personalized and fun
  • Motivation through daily streaks and challenges
  • Active community

Visit the Duolingo website or download for Android or iOS.

Rosetta Stone

Targets: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking

Rosetta Stone might be one of the most immersive intermediate Greek apps there is. With its award-winning and world-beloved courses, it is the go-to choice for those who like to dive headfirst. No matter what level you begin at, the lessons are entirely in Greek. That might seem intimidating to some, but it is the characteristic that makes it one of the best intermediate Greek apps.

Its method is not only effective, but it also allows you to schedule tutoring sessions. So, not only does it provide an effective self-study course, but the tutoring feature can facilitate your learning and offer you a chance to converse with native speakers.

Rosetta Stone is also famous for its state-of-the-art speech recognition system that manages to recognize non-native accents. However, fame comes with a price. This language learning app does not offer a free version; you can only get a 3-day trial before committing to a subscription starting at €11.99/month or even more if you choose tutoring.

Key Features

  • Highly immersive
  • Combination of self-study and tutoring
  • State-of-the-art software for speech recognition

Visit the Rosetta Stone website or download for Android or iOS.


Targets: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking

Clozemaster is your big next step toward language fluency. Created to bridge the gap between advanced beginner knowledge and almost-native knowledge, Clozemaster is a fun way to both expand your grammar and vocabulary, as well as improve your understanding of the language through listening exercises.

The core features of the app include fill-in-the-gap sentences, where you can either type or select one of the suggested answers, as shown in the screenshot above. You can play through collections of sentences and, if you go for the Pro version, you can also build and customize your own collections, earn points, and climb the leaderboards!

There is a lot more to this app than meets the eye in the first place, and it is without a doubt one of the best intermediate Greek apps on the market! Since its free version offers a wide range of features, you can see for yourselves before you decide whether you will upgrade to the Pro version – which will make learning modern Greek even easier.

Key Features

  • Thousands of different fill-in-the-blank exercises
  • Language learning in context
  • Intermediate listening challenges

Visit the Clozemaster website or download for Android or iOS.


Targets: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Conversational Skills

When browsing intermediate Greek apps, there are a lot of options. Pimsleur takes a more “linguistic” approach, focusing on conversation. Based on the scientific language learning method developed by the linguist Paul Pimsleur, this app promises to teach you Greek by focusing on pronunciation and listening.

Pimsleur teaches grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation through rote memorization. The phrases are organized by theme, and each sentence is presented in Greek with a native-sounding pronunciation, an English translation, and a loose transcription (not IPA).

You can either listen to the sentence and repeat it, or you can be asked to pronounce a word to fill in the blanks. Pimsleur’s Greek language course currently has only two levels, but it is sufficient for an intermediate learner. You can test it out for yourself by taking advantage of their free trial period, and if you decide to subscribe, you’ll be protected by their 30-day refund policy.

Key Features

  • Audio-based, so you can use it while commuting
  • Scientific-linguistic method with proven results
  • You can focus on listening while simultaneously build up on other skills

Visit the Pimsleur website or download for Android or iOS.


Targets: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar

Although Mondly is marketed as a beginner app, we believe it also falls into the intermediate Greek apps category. It focuses on core vocabulary that appears repeatedly throughout the lessons to help you achieve fluency.

If you’re wondering how to become fluent in Greek, Mondly is the app for you. The lessons are short and simple to understand, organized by theme, and you can choose what you want to study. What’s more, Mondly is constantly adding new lessons, so you’ll always have new material to learn and revise. It includes a variety of enjoyable exercises, ranging from fill-in-the-blanks to matching words.

Fun exercises don’t mean there is no challenge, though! The course is difficult enough that you can make significant progress while using this app. You can also keep track of your progress so that you always know what you’ve learned and can stay motivated.

Key Features

  • Multiple lessons, with new ones added each day
  • Motivation through tracking your language learning progress
  • A fun and gamified app

Visit the Mondly website or download for Android or iOS.


Targets: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar

For those of you who do not prefer the exercise-based approach, there are other intermediate Greek apps to help you learn Greek fast. For instance, LingQ prides itself on being different from the traditional apps. You can use it to listen to Greek podcasts, watch movies and TV shows, browse websites, read books, and so on. There is a vast amount of Greek content, and more is being added all the time.

LingQ includes tools to help you find the type of content you’re looking for. But even if you don’t find the thing that floats your boat, LingQ offers you another amazing feature: you can import your own content and create a lesson out of it! The high amount of personalization makes it one of the best and most unique intermediate Greek apps on the market.

There is no free version of this highly personalized, listening-oriented app, but you can always try it out before committing to a paid plan.

Key Features

  • Multiple lessons, with new ones added each day
  • Learn Greek by reading and listening in context
  • Personalize your learning process by studying using the content you enjoy

Visit the LingQ website or download for Android or iOS.


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Targets: Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar

Though it does not exactly fall into the category of intermediate Greek apps – as it is not an app, per se – GreekPod101 is one of the best online sources for Greek language lessons. With vocabulary-focused exercises, you will get flashcards, slideshows, word lists and more, all while listening to native conversations. And if you feel overwhelmed with the native conversations, you can always slow down the audio or listen line-by-line!

The website offers a wide range of lessons in the categories of Conversation, Reading & Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Culture. The content is divided into six “pathways” ranging from absolute beginner to advanced, making it an excellent choice for intermediate language learners.

The site offers a free version with many lessons, but you can also opt for the premium choices. You can select Basic for unlimited access to all lessons, Premium to get access to powerful tools, or even Premium PLUS, which offers personalized assessments and guidance from a native Greek teacher.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of lessons with very clear goals
  • Responsive design, so you can access the site from your smartphone or tablet
  • Access to a native Greek teacher for guidance and assessment

Visit the GreekPod101 website.

Final Thoughts on the Best Intermediate Greek Apps

Despite the fact that the app market is primarily focused on material to help you get through the beginner phase of learning a language, you can still find a variety of intermediate Greek apps to help you improve your skills. Though not exhaustive, we have covered the ones we have found to be more useful while attempting to accommodate all different learning styles.

Every app is either gamified or highly personalized. The key is to find something that meets your specific learning needs and stick to it. You can try out each of these apps for free, as even the premium ones do – and don’t forget to give Clozemaster a shot!

Learn Greek faster with Clozemaster 🚀

Clozemaster has been designed to help you learn the language in context by filling in the gaps in authentic sentences. With features such as Grammar Challenges, Cloze-Listening, and Cloze-Reading, the app will let you emphasize all the competencies necessary to become fluent in Greek.

Take your Greek to the next level. Click here to start practicing with real Greek sentences!

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