Kristen Seikaly

Kristen Seikaly is a freelance writer, voice teacher, and longtime language learner in the Philadelphia area. In addition to earning a minor in French from the University of Michigan, she has studied French and Italian abroad, and has worked as a tutor for both languages. She has written for sites such as Schmopera, Philly Music Lessons, Taminophile, and Synocate. She also runs Operaversity, a website focusing on vocal music education for artists, teachers, and audiences.

Improve Your French Listening Skills With Clozemaster

Learning a language requires the development of four distinct skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Most language learners wish to master all four skills in their target language, but speaking and listening can require a greater focus. After all, real conversations require quicker thinking and response times. French can be particularly difficult for the non-native …

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