David Lane

David is a native English speaker with a passion for languages and teaching. After falling in love with Russian at university, he tutored the language for four years and came away with a new passion for teaching languages. He then left Alaska to continue studying Russian in Ukraine, as well as picking up Ukrainian, interpreting, teaching English, and discovering a new home away from home. He can be reached at david@davidlane.io.

David Lane

9 Ways to Say Hello in Russian for Every Situation

Want to make friends in Russia or other Russian-speaking countries? Then master these nine ways to say hello in Russian to be ready for every situation: from a night out with friends (“What’s up, bro?”, “Heya!” – see привет and здорово) to meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents (“Hello, Mr. Ivanovich” – see здравствуйте below). But just …

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