Chara Zacharakou

Chara is a bilingual (Greek & English) Marketer with a BA in linguistics. Combining her two passions languages and marketing, she has been teaching Greek and Ancient Greek while also working in various corporate marketing positions. She has also worked as Speakers and Performers' Director in TEDxAUAthens, coaching speakers on creating and performing their speech. During her free time she enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading books, writing and attending live concerts. PS: Chara /hara/ in Greek means joy! 🙂

Chara Zacharakou

It’s All Greek To Me: The Ultimate Guide to Learning Greek

Some might say that the Greek language is one of the most complex languages in the world. But imagine understanding the deep meaning of the very first words ever used to describe music, when music was born. To specify theater when theater was invented. To define medicine when medicine was just a crazy idea. To …

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