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Aunt in French

Aunt in French is tante

Example Sentences

  • Ma tante a trois enfants.
    My aunt has three children. Source
  • La femme de mon oncle est ma tante.
    My uncle's wife is my aunt. Source
  • Ma tante paraît jeune.
    My aunt looks young. Source
  • Hier, ma tante a retrouvé la vue.
    Yesterday, my aunt regained her sight. Source
  • La nièce ressemble à sa tante.
    The niece looks like her aunt. Source
  • Elle a laissé son enfant aux bons soins de sa tante.
    She left her children in her aunt's care. Source
  • Je vais rester à Kyôto avec ma tante.
    I am going to stay with my aunt in Kyoto. Source
  • Ma tante fait pousser des tomates dans son jardin.
    My aunt grows tomatoes in her garden. Source

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