Perfect Pronunciation

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How do you improve your pronunciation in a language? The best way is to listen carefully to the way things are said, and then repeat.

Find an audio of a native speaker speaking in your target language, whether it be a podcast, YouTube video or a song.

Listen to 1-2 seconds of speech (i.e: about one sentence), pause it, and repeat it out loud. Go back and listen again, pause it and repeat. Do this as many times as you need until you feel you are pronouncing well.

 In the comments, write your target language and tell us anything new you learned about the phonology in this language. Are there any sounds that you are struggling to pronounce?

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Bad Service

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Think about an experience you’ve had where the customer service was particularly bad. In your target language, write a complaint email to the manager explaining what happened and requesting some form of compensation.

NB: If you can’t think of any such experiences, you can make the situation up.

Stuck on getting started? This article has some tips on how to write an effective email.

 Post your target language along with the email you wrote in the comments. 

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Try (not) to Laugh!

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We’ve all heard of the ‘try not to laugh’ challenges on YouTube. Today the language is to try TO laugh…at jokes in your target language!

Find a comedy video in your target language and watch 10-15 minutes of it. See how many of the jokes you understand, and how many you find funny.

Not sure how to find a good video? Here’s our guide to find YouTube videos in your target language.

 In the comments, write your target language and link to the video you watched. Tell us how many times you laughed!

Whatcha Reading?

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Go to the last article, blog post, or story you read online. Pretend a native speaker of your target language wants to know what it says, and you have to translate it for them.

Translate N number of words from the text into your target language. The number of words, N, depends on your skill level:

  • A1 = 50
  • A2 = 100
  • B1 = 150
  • B2 = 200
  • C1 = 250
  • C2 = 300

Post your target language and your translated version of the text into the comment. Bonus points if you give it to a native speaker and they can understand!

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Where is it Wednesday? Motor Edition

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Practice using prepositions and describing where various objects are in the image above. Try to describe their position in relation to other objects.

  1. Where are the red cars?
  2. Where are the yellow cars?
  3. Where are the black cars?
  4. Where is the green car?
  5. Where is the mini blue car?
  6. Where are the pink cars?
  7. Where is the umbrella?
  8. Where is the tuktuk? (the smallest yellow vehicle)
  9. Where is the horse and cart?
  10. Where are the men in white?

Post your target language and your answers in the comments. Try to be as descriptive and specific as possible.

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This One is a Fun One

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Practice using the right determiners in the right places in your target language. How would you say:

  1. The ball is in the other court now.
  2. She is a married woman.
  3. The best way isn’t necessarily the right way.
  4. My brother is a good person.
  5. A good role model is always positive, calm, and confident in themselves.
  6. My father is a firefigher.
  7. The good thing about being a parent is the extra holidays.
  8. There is a cat on the mat.
  9. The cat is sitting on a mat.
  10. This isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

Post your target language and your translations in the comments.

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Bent Out of Shape

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Look up instructions for how to make origami in your target language (simply search the translation of “how to make origami”). If you have something specific in mind, add that to your search as well (e.g: “swan” or “robot”).

Follow the instructions as best you can and see how your creation turns out!

 Post your target language in the comments as well as any new words you learned from this exercise. Let us know what you made.

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Technology Section

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Find and read an article in the technology section of a newspaper in your target language. Choose an article that interests you based on pictures and what you’re able to understand of the headline. Try reading once through without stopping, then go back and look up the words you don’t know.

Not sure where to find newspaper articles in your target language? Check out our resource guide: how to find news articles in your target language.

How to find Google News articles in your target language.


Post your target language, a link to the article, and at least 5 words or phrases you learned or found interesting.

>Bonus question: what’s one thing you learned from the article (not language related)?

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Question Everything

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Test your questioning abilities in your target language. How would you say:

  1. How do I get to the supermarket from here?
  2. Have you seen my watch?
  3. You love eating cupcakes, don’t you?
  4. Why do you get up so early every day?
  5. What’s the difference between a rat and a mouse?
  6. If I leave today, will you come with me?
  7. Can you not make so much noise while I’m trying to study?
  8. When did you get your Master’s degree?
  9. How long have you lived in Israel?
  10. Who left their cup on the table?

Post your target language and your translations in the comments.

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Clozer to the Next Level

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Try to get to the next level on Clozemaster than you currently are in the language you’re learning.

 Post your target language in the comments along with any new words you learned from the challenge, and which level you got up to today.

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