How to Find News Articles in Your Target Language

Reading the news in your target language is a great way to learn culturally relevant vocabulary as well as stay on top of news in the countries where your target language is spoken. This guide outlines various ways to find news articles in the language you’re learning.

Google News

Google News is an excellent resource for finding news articles and news sources in multiple languages. You can also skip right to the sections you’re most interested in.

1. Open the language and location settings.

Open the language and location settings on Google News.

2. Select your target language and region preference.

Select your target language and region preference on Google News.

3. Select an article, news source, or news category.

Select a news article, news source, or category on Google News.

And that’s it! Plenty of news articles and reading material in your target language.


You can also check Wikipedia’s Lists of Newspapers by Country. From there you can see a list of newspapers available in the country where your target language is spoken. In most cases you can search by popularity and date started.


Wikinews is another great source of news articles in your target language. Simply choose your target language in the left column.

Select your target language in Wikinews.

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