Wydaje się, że mama przygotowuje posiłki.


The CM translation is given as ‘It seems Mum is doing the dishes’. In England, this would (colloquially) mean that Mum is doing the washing up after a meal. The Polish original seems closer to me in English as, ‘It seems that Mum is preparing (cooking) the meals’. Czy mam rację? Thanks


I think you are right, I don’t see how “przygotowuje posiłki” can mean anything other than “preparing the meals.” I think Polish for “doing the dishes” is “zmywać naczynia”?


That’s right, “is doing the dishes” should be “zmywa naczynia”. Please report if you see it again—thanks!


Calydzien and Alukasiak … thanks to the both of you. I’ll report it next time round.