What happened with the Export Favorites option?


I can’t find it anymore.


Same here! I was frantically looking for it, was this option removed?


Aaaaaaaand it’s back! Moved it to the dashboard too.

Please let me know of course if you notice any issues or there’s anything we can do to make it better or more useful.

@theordinarykai - interested to hear how you’re using the downloaded favorites. Is there something we could do, add, or improve on Clozemaster?


@mike Thanks for the update! There isn’t much to say about the export option, I think it works fine as it is already. I do, however have another question!
Why is it that when we play the Favorites sentences, the supposedly randomly chosen sentences are always heavily repeated?
I have 600+ sentences marked as Favourites, but whenever I play a few sections of 10 sentences each, same sentences always show up and makes me wonder if there is a restricted range enforced?