Tom veut que nous espérions.


The translation given is “Tom wants us to wait.”

Does “esperions” mean to wait? I thought it meant “hope”.


Apparently in Cajun French, espérer can mean to wait – according to the Wiktionary entry.


Per French wiktionary, espérer can mean “to wait” in the sense of “wait for someone.”

This isn’t too surprising, as its Spanish/Portuguese cognate, esperar, can mean both “to hope” and “to wait.”


Native French here. Please never use this verb to mean “to wait”.

It should indeed be Tom veut que nous attendions.

Probably 1% will understand “espérer” as “to wait”. It never appears in news, books, TV, movies nor anywhere else beside wherever this was created.


Thank you, Kalzem. I wish they would give you or someone like you authority to change some of these sentences as people raise these issues!