Point scores for weekly leaderboard on Monday morning


How is it possible to earn 230,000 points just a few hours into the new week? (French weekly leaderboard today.) Is there something I don’t understand about the scoring? For people who’ve been using the site less than 7 months, my understanding is that the maximum score you can earn per sentence is 32. 230,000 / 32 = 7,187 sentences, which is a lot to do in just a couple of hours.

Does the week start at different times in different time zones? Where I live, it resets about 9am on Monday morning and someone had earned 230,000 points by 10:30am.


Hello! Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know! It looks like there was an issue updating some of the weekly leaderboard scores which should now be resolved. Please let us know of course if you notice any other issues. Thanks again!


I think this problem has recurred again.


This problem seems to have reoccurred for two weeks now.