Played count broken


The played count of my Fluency Fast Track got raised to ~20% or ~1050 sentences after I added 1000 sentences to my favorites list, without ever having them played once.

The “Total” score is still correct and at ~ 660 sentences and is now trailing the FFT-played score by 410 sentences.

I think this is a bug, as I have not in fact played so many sentences yet.

Also, I just added 1000 sentences to favorites because I wouldn’t be able to continue with the FFT offline otherwise. This is more a feature request, but I think it’s urgent for many people!



Hi Zacharias,

Thanks for the bug report and sorry for the trouble! We’ll check it out. To be clear - did you add the sentences to your favorites via sentence search on the web? Then you noticed the jump in your Fast Track sentences played count prior to playing your favorites offline?

We’re still working on getting downloadable Fast Track support added for more language pairings. It looks like you’re playing learning Swedish from German so I processed the Fast Track for that pairing to be downloadable. Please let me know if there are any other language pairings you’d like to see downloadable and we can work on it.

We’re also working towards more offline playable content for the mobile app. The new custom cloze-collection feature will be downloadable, and ideally you’ll be able to play Grammar Challenges and all the play modes offline as well, but we’ll see how that works out. :slight_smile:

Anything else please be sure to let us know. Thanks again!


Hey Mike,

thanks for your reply! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

And to your question, yes, once I added favs through the search function, my “played count” jumped up.
Screenshot here:

Notice how total sentences ever played is smaller than my progress in the FFT.



Hey Mike,

same here, posting a screenshot from dropbox got my post above marked as spam and hidden above.