Nikt jeszcze nie pobił Toma.(Sentence Note & Question)


bić biję -jesz (impf), (pf) pobić = to beat, pulsate. hit, strike, batter. mint (coin)


Some advice please … the CM English translation is given as ‘Tom isn’t beaten yet’, this suggests that Tom has not been defeated yet. ‘Pobić/Bić’ seem to primarily concerned with ‘to beat’ in the physical sense. Can they also mean ‘to beat’ as is the sense of ‘to be victorious’? Thanks!


Yes, but that’s only the case with “pobić” – I don’t think “bić” can be used in this context.

“Pobić” can mean “to defeat” or “to outdo”, and “pobity” means “defeated”. Additionally, “pobić” is also used in expressions such as “pobić rekord” (to break/beat a record).


Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated.