Nie możesz jeszcze odejść. (Sentence Note & Question)


Note: odejść (-jdę -dziesz odszedł odeszła) (pf), (impf) odchodzić (-dzę -dzisz odchodź) = leave, depart (on foot), go away


The English translation is given as ‘You can’t retire yet’. Can ‘odejść’ also mean to retire? Thanks!


The translation is a stretch. “Odejść” can only mean “to retire” when placed in the specific context of leaving your job/career (“Nie możesz jeszce odejść z pracy”).

Here, we have no context, so I’d simply translate it as “You can’t leave yet”. Note that “odejść” is mostly used when talking about leaving organizations, jobs and relationships—and not rooms, buildings or events. So I guess it’s a question of long term vs. short term.

If you’re telling your buddy that they shouldn’t leave the pub yet, you’d rather use “wyjść” or “iść”.


Thanks! Does the od- prefix usually signify something more significant or long term than the wy- prefix with regard to all verbs of motion concerning departure? Or is it just this particular verb/context? Cheers


Hm, nothing similar comes to mind, so I don’t think you could make that generalization. It’s probably safer to memorize the meaning for this particular verb.