More repetition scheduling options?


After going through Duolingo Italian, I’ve been looking for good resources to build more vocabulary. My primary tool right now is reading through one of my favorite books translated into Italian with Learning With Texts, then pushing vocab words to Anki for practice.

I love the idea of ClozeMaster, but the repetition interval options are very minimalist - just four levels, with four intervals. I’ve become spoiled by Anki using a rough approximation of the SuperMemo 2 repition algorithm, which seems to work very well. On the other hand, with the default window of 10 days seems way too long for most words I don’t know - especially tricky words. But shortening them too far means I’ll either have larger gaps later, or ultimately be repeating every word every couple months.

I can probably lower the intervals, but it seems like the root cause is that the notion of “easyness” in Anki’s algorithm seems to make a huge difference for learning tricky words without making me waste time on words I know.

Is there any chance of getting more nuanced repetition scheduling in ClozeMaster?


Thanks for the feedback! This is really helpful to know. The repetition interval options are intentionally minimalist. The idea here is that the focus with Clozemaster should be on getting lots and lots of exposure rather than getting hung up on any single word or sentence, with more complex review options best left to resources like Anki which already implement it quite well like you mentioned.

That said! Adding more review interval options and improving the Clozemaster SRS is definitely on the to-do list, though it may still take some time until we get to it. One option for the moment might be to favorite any particularly difficult sentences that you’d like to focus on and then periodically export your favorites and import them into Anki.

If you have any other feedback or there’s anything else we can do to improve Clozemaster please always feel free to let us know. Thanks again!