Life after the Fluency Fast Track... suggestions?


So I’m looking for ideas from users of Clozemaster, or from the very helpful staff too, for that matter.

I’m dogged enough to finish (and master) all the Fluency Fast Track sentences of my first language here, and am looking for more to do, because, well, I’m not fluent yet. And I have also just finished all the grammar examples given… and i have done a few of the Cloze Reading examples, but as i have noted elsewhere, i find that section very antiseptic, possibly too easy, and not very appealing.

What’s the best thing to do next?

I copied a ton of sentences into my “favourites” section, and i am doing a few of those every day to keep my streak alive . But frankly, these aren’t particularly challenging either, and somehow the 4 points i get for a right answer doesn’t seem too motivating after i have been accustomed to at least 8, and sometimes as much as 32 for review examples. I know it’s not about the points, but it’s hard to beat the addiction…

Cheers, thanks in advance…


Jump into actually using the language - watch/listen/read in your target language and, start speaking with natives - that’s the point, right?


You’re right, of course. But not always possible everywhere,especially for the less common languages.


Well, I can’t justify the pro fee now. Bye…


I feel the same as you, Romanophile. I have a pro subscription but doubt I’ll keep it once I finish the French Fast Track, unless new features are introduced.


Actually, what I think I’ll do is set all the easy sentences to never appear again, and change the interval for sentences that are 100% mastered to something much shorter, until I can get the harder ones right using Listening. I still often get lost when there are multiple sentences.


K. Thanks, that’s a suggestion that could work. r