Cloze Collections; I am somewhat confused

I was originally using Favourites to review my most problematic words, but abandoned that because (a) you can’t group them into categories and (b) You get a whopping 2 points for each one that you review. Yes, I know it isn’t all about the points, but that made it feel like you were being punished by way of being made to dig a canal with a teaspoon.

Cloze Collections seemed to be the answer to this. (Although it would have been mightily useful had you been able to add sentences to one of your collections as you were doing reviews.)

However… what’s the visibility of those? I initially assumed that they were private to you… but if that’s the case why am I seeing someone ELSE’s Cloze Collection (“Conugation of “Venire” in Italian”) in my set? And if they are in fact public… is it indeed possible that only two people - that person and myself - have created a Cloze Collection in Italian?

There IS a trashcan item on the other person’s Cloze Collection (but not a pen edit tool) but I haven’t pressed it first because I’m concerned that it might delete the collection everywhere, and second because it’s actually a useful collection.

However I don’t want to be creating bunches of Cloze Collections if they end up cluttering the lists of all students by being public. (I don’t see any option to make them public or private either.)

Any enlightenment would be welcome.