Bug Reports

iOS Bugs Web Bugs Android Bugs
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Cloze-Collections. Not adding to overall score [Web Bugs] (3)
100% Mastered Appearing [Bug Reports] (3)
Missed Reviews? [Bug Reports] (1)
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Streak preserved despite not meeting goal [Bug Reports] (2)
Next Button Missing in Safari [Web Bugs] (3)
Daily Practice Notifications not appearing [Android Bugs] (1)
Multiple choice didn't include the correct answer? [Bug Reports] (2)
Multiple Choice not Working [Web Bugs] (1)
Clicking on words for pro info slightly broken [Web Bugs] (5)
Text mode input box size gives away if a word can be right [Web Bugs] (3)
Bug in text input mode [iOS Bugs] (1)
Played count broken [Bug Reports] (4)
Old dashboard & sentence search not working [Web Bugs] (2)
Cloze Mastery Pie Chart Stats Bug [Bug Reports] (3)
Report feature doesn't work [Bug Reports] (2)